Program to Help Parents Communicate Better With Children

Judith ("Judy") Kuskin, an experienced family therapist and parent, will run a six-week course to help today's parents communicate better with their children and create more peaceful and supportive family environments.

The six-week session, which begins Thursday, November 7, will help parents better understand their children, define limits, and reduce power struggles. The group will gather for 60 minutes per session.

"Today's parents are often frustrated when trying to communicate with their children," says Kuskin. "Moms and Dads alike will say, 'If only my kids would listen then life would be so much better at home.'" Kuskin offers survival strategies and tips to talk so children will listen. Kuskin understands from personal and professional experience that raising a child is one of the most difficult jobs in life!

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New Session of Nutley Program Empowers Teen Girls

Cyber-bullying, texting, body image and peer pressure are all issues teen girls must face in today's complex world.

To help these teens, a second session of "It's A Girl Thing," a ten-week group program to empower teen girls, begins on October 15.

It follows a successful session earlier this year.

"Our spring session was lively and so successful. Everyone was sad when the program ended. They wanted it to be longer!" said Lisa Riccardelli, LCSW, and a member of LifeWorks Counseling.

"We talked about everything, from bullying to being assertive. And we worked on ways to improve communication skills with friends, parents and teachers," she said.

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New Session of ‘Got Skills?’ Program in Nutley Helps Teen Boys Build Strong Social Skills

A 10-week group session to help teen boys navigate today's world and improve their ability to make friends, reduce fights and communicate better with family and teachers begins a new session.

 The new group begins on October 18.

The session follows a "Got Skills" spring session, where therapists said the teen boys learned how to make positive changes in their lives.

"They learned the value that self-discipline, tolerance and 'thinking through issues' can bring to all of us," said Joseph F. Paladino, LCSW, an experienced counselor who ran previous sessions and will run the fall session.

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Lifeworks Counseling Featured in Verona-Cedar Grove Patch

veronapatchThis article originally appeared in the Verona-Cedar Grove Patch. Click here to read the full article 

A new 10-week-long Verona and Nutley-based program is helping local teenage boys behave better in school through weekly work sessions that concentrate on developing various social skills.

The "Got Skills?" program is one of three teen programs organized by LifeWorks Counseling LLC, run by Licensed Clinical Social Workers Gina M. Unger and Ingrid E. Burke.

The group sessions are attended by students who frequently get into trouble at school, get into fights or have challenges making friends. The sessions focus on understanding their feelings and interpreting the feelings of others.

"We do a lot of role playing," said LifeWorks Clinical Therapist Engin Bahce. "What do you do when someone starts to fight with you? We talked about first impressions and making friendships. We talked about body language and about developing empathy for others."

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‘Got Skills?’ Program in Nutley Helps Teen Boys Build Strong Social Skills

NUTLEY, NJ — February 4, 2013 — A new program that brings teen-aged boys together to candidly address social skills is helping them make new friends, reduce fights, and behave better in school through the 10-week-group sessions.

"Our latest group really clicked," said Engin Bahce, a clinical therapist with LifeWorks Counseling, LLC. "Everyone learned not to be judgmental of each other's opinions and to respect each other. But they also knew the sessions had a purpose – we were not just here to relax."

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LifeWorks Counseling Expands, Adding Three New Therapists, Offering Teen Group Therapy Sessions and Opening Verona Office

NUTLEY, NJ – September 20, 2012 – LifeWorks Counseling Center, started by veteran therapists Ingrid Burke and Gina Unger, has expanded with the addition of three experienced licensed social workers who specialize in helping teens. To meet growing demand, LifeWorks has also opened a new office in Verona at 96 Pompton Avenue in addition to their first office at 562 Kingsland Street in Nutley.

The new counselors - Engin Bahce, MSW, LSW, Dan Nieman, MSW, LSW and Lisa Riccardelli, MSW, LSW will run three group sessions that focus on helping teens thrive in today's world. The 10-week sessions will focus on anger management in boys, self-empowerment for girls, and social skills for all teens.

"Bringing on three new therapists experienced with teens helps us fill a need we are seeing in our communities," said Gina M. Unger, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and co-founder of LifeWorks Counseling.

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Veteran Therapists Join to Create 'LifeWorks Counseling'

MONTCLAIR, NJ – March 2, 2012 – Two experienced therapists who believe in compassionate, goal-oriented counseling have joined forces to create LifeWorks Counseling, with offices in both Montclair and Nutley.

Gina M. Unger, a clinical social worker and former Director of Professional Services at Nutley Family Service Bureau, and Ingrid E. Burke, a clinical social worker and former counselor at the Nutley center, provide individual, couples and family therapy.

The two psychologists will provide services in Montclair and will continue seeing clients in Nutley. They both bring impeccable credentials and experience to their work with clients.

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