Judith ("Judy") Kuskin, an experienced family therapist and parent, will run a six-week course to help today's parents communicate better with their children and create more peaceful and supportive family environments.

The six-week session, which begins Thursday, November 7, will help parents better understand their children, define limits, and reduce power struggles. The group will gather for 60 minutes per session.

"Today's parents are often frustrated when trying to communicate with their children," says Kuskin. "Moms and Dads alike will say, 'If only my kids would listen then life would be so much better at home.'" Kuskin offers survival strategies and tips to talk so children will listen. Kuskin understands from personal and professional experience that raising a child is one of the most difficult jobs in life!

Kuskin will moderate the sessions, which begin on November 7 and continue for six weeks. Group members will provide support for each other while focusing on one topic each week.

The group will cover such topics as: How did we learn to be parents? Who were our role models? Does our parenting style match our children's learning style? How can we talk so our kids will listen? Are we listening to what our kids are really saying to us? How can we set limits and discipline and still maintain good will in the family?

The group is limited so those interested should call now to reserve a space. The contact number is 973-441-0886.

Kuskin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with post-graduate training in couple and family therapy. She has worked as a family and divorce mediator, attorney, and educator. She received an MSW from Rutgers University School of Social Work and holds a post-graduate certificate in Family Therapy from the internationally acclaimed Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York. She also holds a law degree from Brooklyn Law School and a master's degree in education from Boston College.

You can read more about Judith Kuskin, JD, MSW, LCSW, by visiting www.LifeWorksNJ.com.

The parenting program is sponsored by LifeWorks Counseling, created by two veteran therapists, Gina M. Unger, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Ingrid E. Burke, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. LifeWorks provides individual, couples and family therapy, as well as groups for teenagers. LifeWorks Counseling provides therapy to help people coping with depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, as well as parenting, family and adolescent issues.

LifeWorks Counseling is located at 
562 Kingsland Street in Nutley. Ms. Unger can be reached at 973-930-5507 and Ms. Burke can be reached at 973-441-0886.